Weaving DVDs

We have what we consider to be the only HOW-TO DVD's covering four types of chair seat weaving. They all have been professionally reviewed, receiving 3 and 4 star accreditations. These are the best Chair Weaving DVD's on the market.
All are $26.95 each or $99.95 for set of all 4.

"CHAIR CANING 7-step Method"

"CHAIR CANING Application of Pre-Woven Cane"

"CHAIR WEAVING with Fibre Rush"

"SPLINT TYPE Chair Weaving"

CHAIR CANING 7-Step Method
60 Minutes             ISBN 1881420-00-0

This method of hand caning is depicted by the particular make of the chair which will have holes drilled around the opening to be caned. The strands of cane are hand threaded through the holes in the chair and then woven into a pattern. This presentation simplifies this technique through a color coded, step-by-step process. Although there are several patterns one could weave on this type chair, the 7-step is the most popular and best for beginners.

BOOKLIST (June 1992) 'The process is clearly pictured..." "...this well-shot video usefully eliminates tedious diagrams..."

LIBRARY JOURNAL (June 1992) "Linda Hickman demonstrates chair caning in a clear seven-step approach that should inspire even the novice to try."

WILSON LIBRARY JOURNAL (April 1992) "Color-coded for easy access, and the photography is sharp and detailed..."

Hand Caning
7 Step Seat
Machine Cane
Pre-Woven Seat with Groove
Application of Pre-Woven Cane

60 Minutes              ISBN 1-881420-01-9

This DVD presentation thoroughly covers both the "groove type" and the less common "frame type" chair. The groove in the chair seat would run along the perimeter of the seat opening and the frame type has a frame attached underneath the cane inside of the seat. This technique does not require weaving the seat by hand but simply a sheet of pre-woven cane is inserted into the chair seat opening held in place by the frame or fitted into the groove with spline. Although the techniques are not complicated, this presentation is packed with insightful information that will successfully help you identify the chair type as well as get you through the installation of the sheet of pre-woven cane.

LIBRARY JOURNAL (March 1993) "All but the hopelessly inept should be able to follow her instruction." "This tape would be useful in public library craft collections and other institutions where crafts are taught."

THE OZARK MOUNTAINEER (August 1993) "Ms Hickman is extremely thorough in her explanations of how and why each step is taken and about the proper tools for each step."

VAN DYKE'S RESTORERS (1993) "An excellant video! After viewing even an amateur can acheive professional results."

CHAIR WEAVING with Fibre Rush
66 Minutes                    ISBN 1-88420-02-7

The idea of chair weaving may sound frightening but by folllowing this visual step-by-step presentation, the technique of 'rushing' a chair is made easy enough for anyone to complete.

All steps are covered from beginning to end including the chair type which will have four rails forming a frame around which the rush material is woven.

"SPLINT TYPE Chair Weaving", another DVD title, is an alternative technique that could certainly be considered for the four rail type chair.

Anyone capable of following simple visual instruction can certainly feel the accomplishment of completing the fibre rush technique successfully.

Fiber Rush
Fibre Rush Seat
Basket Weave
Splint Type Seat
SPLINT TYPE Chair Weaving
70 Minutes         ISBN 1-881420-03-5

This DVD presentation thoroughly covers the splint technique of chair weaving and illustrates the use of material such as shaker tape, wood splints, flat fiber seating and various kinds of rattan including binder and reeds. All steps are covered from beginning to end including the chair type that will have four rails forming a frame around which the material is woven.

"CHAIR WEAVING with Fibre Rush", another DVD title, is another technique that could certainly be considered for the four rail type chair.

VIDEO LIBRARIAN (Jan/Feb 1996) 'The camera work is very good" and "on screen graphics are excellent." "Libraries serving woodworkers and antique-hunters will want to have this video on hand."