Check out a few of the items in our catalog while you are here. Our catalog items are priced to sell.  We specialize in caning and weaving products, and the weaving products are guaranteed fresh!

Weaving Tools

Weaving Tools

We carry the tools needed for the installation of Pre-Woven Cane such as wedges, 2 sizes of spline removing tools and a tack and staple remover. For Hand Caning a chair, we carry hardwood and brass caning pegs, a caning awl, a caning needle, and a caning tool used to push rows together. These tools make the process easier.

Cane Webbing

In our catalog you will find unbleached cane webbing in one size and bleached cane webbing in nine different styles. We carry nine sizes of spline which holds the cane webbing in the groove type seat. Also in our catalog we have Breuer Chair Replacement Backs and Seats.

Pre-Woven Cane Webbing
Fibre Rush
Fiber Rush

You will find Art Fiber Rush in 3/32" in Kraft Brown, 5/32" and 6/32" in Golden Brown and 4/32", 5/32", 6/32" and 7/32" in Kraft Brown. It takes about 2 lbs to weave an average size chair seat (14"x14").  Be sure to ask for color and size samples when you order a catalog.

Binder Cane
Binder Cane

Binder cane is the 7th step in hand caning a seat to cover the holes in the wood. A piece of strand cane is laced up through a hole, over the binder cane and back down through the same hole to hold the binder cane in place and then on to the next hole. We carry a 25' piece of three sizes of binder cane (narrow, medium and wide) for this use.

Binder cane is also used to weave a four rail seat as in splint type chair weaving. It is cut from the outside of the rattan vine, so it has a rounded, smooth, hard surface. It can be woven into various designs such as the diamond pattern to the left. We carry hanks of binder cane in four sizes (narrow, medium, wide and extra wide) for use in four rail weaving. A hank has 350' except for extra wide which has approximately 200'.

Diamond Pattern using Binder Cane
Other Weaving Materials and Supplies

We also carry Seagrass, Danish Cord (Laced and Unlaced), Shaker Tape (12 colors), Strand Cane in Hanks and Kits, Round Reed, Flat Reed, Flat Oval Reed and Art Fiber Seating.

We carry Rattan Braid, 3 different wood beads, Lloyd Loom, and half round reed for wicker repair.

We carry the items you will need for whatever weaving technique you might be doing. Please "Contact Us" by calling, texting, emailing or faxing your name and mailing address so we can send you our free catalog.